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Amy Course

Committee Member / Leader in Running Fitness 

"Life is better in running shoes"

Emma Uden

CRC Chair / Leader in Running Fitness

Running was never my thing at school so when Michelle announced that she was starting a beginners running course and would have to stop teaching Barre classes to make room for it, I was really not sure I was going to enjoy it, but I went along anyway! Surprisingly (to me) I did enjoy it and I could see myself improve, so I went back for the second course too.  At the end of that one, I ran 5km without stopping for the first time in my life.  That was nearly three years ago and since then I have completed a number of 10kms and two half marathons! You don’t know how much you can achieve until you try!





Andrea Long

Committee Member

Procrastinate - This verb could have been created specifically with me in mind!  I started running in 2001 when life wasn’t going so well, and it gave me time and space to think and sort my head out.  Since then I have started and then stopped when I have signed up for, and completed races.But being part of CRC is positively challenging that part of my psyche and is assisting me with my motivation.  The group is inclusive and supportive, running and generally keeping fit has become fun again! Running has made me part of a community, running is my therapist and I run because I can.

Jo Forrest

DBS Verifier 

I went "back to basics" and attended CRC's Beginner running courses after struggling with motivation. Not only has my technique improved but my running understanding and enjoyment has also grown enormously. I have recently run my first 10k "race" and have 5 more booked and I am training for my first Half Marathon which I never dreamed was possible!! I love CRC and my new running family. The group have been so welcoming and being part of the committee is my way of giving back to CRC.

Chris Uden

Treasurer /  Leader in Running Fitness

I started running after joining a CRC beginners course back in May 2016. When I first stated I struggled to walk/run a few lengths of a netball court. A year later at the age of 58 I completed the Cambridge Half marathon, all thanks to CRC and the fantastic support from other members...

Kerry Welcher

Organisation Secretary

My first day of learning to run attending CRCs first Beginners Course. 18th June 2015 – completed first 5k with CRC. Ive run very few races though I do like to attend park run when I can.  I enjoy the running company of CRC members and the friendships made. It surprised me how quick I built up distance and decided I had to complete a half marathon at least once in my life. (Oct 2016). In 2016 I was officially diagnosed with a heart condition; and my consultant has been very supportive of my desire to exercise and has helped me understand my risks, especially when running.  


I wouldn't say I'm a natural athlete, but after attending the beginner courses I really enjoy running. The courses then gave me the confidence to join CRC as a full member in 2018. BRC is my extended family, I have gained so much from the club and joining the committee allows me to give a little back. I'm so glad I took the step to join!

Cate Ewan

Committee Member  /  Leader in Running Fitness


Hannah Yau

Committee Member / Leader in Running Fitness

Hannah Running

Before I joined CRC I lived in Birmingham and had been a member of a local running club there. It was an amazing, inclusive club that welcomed everyone. When we moved to Cambridgeshire, I knew I wanted to find another club but never thought I would find another club as good. CRC was even more friendly and inclusive and welcoming than I could have hoped, and I could not wait to join. In my running career to date I have run over 20 half marathons, 4 marathons, enjoyed many muddy trail runs and completed a 2 day self-sufficient race with a friend called the Original Mountain Marathon. I have recently done my run leader course with England Athletics and am looking forward to helping others achieve their running goals.

Amy Dodson

Membership Secretary

I took part in the Learn to Run sessions back in January 2019. I enjoyed running on sports day but other than that I was very much a non-runner! I quickly got the running bug once I joined the club. I enjoy being part of a club where we can support one another with training, challenges & races. Running has helped me lose weight, get fit and given me a way to improve my mental health. It’s great to be competitive with yourself and see how strong you can be.

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