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Group sessions


" Group running, cheaper than therapy"








Regular Training Sessions 2020


Our sessions are designed to help anyone who wants to learn to run, or who is already running and wants to improve. Sessions open to aged 12+ (all children under 16 need an adult present).


Non-members are welcome to come and join one session free before membership sign up is required - please contact BRC at [email protected] to chat about suitable sessions to come and try.


WEDNESDAYS Social Group Sessions

  • Active Fenland, Jog, walk and Talk at 6.30pm Chatteris  

  • Lead by Sam Free to all (No membership required)


  • Social Club Session For those who can run/jog already  Members only

  • 7.15pm  - 8.15pm in Chatteris   - Lead by Chris, Natalie or Cate


THURSDAYS Open to all levels Members only

  • 7.30pm  - 8.30pm Speed session  Chatteris lead by Emma or Chris

  • 8pm - 9pm Hill Training in Sutton Coached by Michelle (Returns Late Feb)


AD-HOC Sessions

We provide one -off session for track, technique and fitness tests every so oftern which are accessible to members. These are led by Head Coach, Michelle