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Group sessions


" Group running, cheaper than therapy"








Regular Training Sessions 2021/22


Our sessions are designed to help anyone who wants to learn to run, or who is already running and wants to improve. Sessions open to aged 12+ (all children under 16 need an adult present).


Non-members are welcome to come and join one session free before membership sign up is required - please contact CRC @ [email protected] to chat about suitable sessions to come and try.


WEDNESDAYS Social Group Sessions For those who can run/jog already  Members only

  • 7.15pm  - 8.15pm in Chatteris   - Lead by Chris, Hannah or Cate


THURSDAYS  Members only

  • 7.30pm  - 8.30pm Beginner Run / Walk Session lead by Michelle or Emma

  • 8pm  - 9pm Structured Session (either hills, speed or trail based session) lead by Michelle


AD-HOC Sessions

We provide one -off session for track, technique and fitness tests every so oftern which are accessible to members. These are led by Head Coach, Michelle